Masureel Cahier #1


The 1920's. Wallpaper versus Belgian Modernism

Client: Masureel

This small publication connects 1920s art and wallpaper design. We invited Norbert Poulain (vzwinterbellum) and Eline Stoop (Ghent University, VLB) to provide essays on this topic, drawing on their expertise in the (applied) arts during the interwar period in Belgium. The cahier concludes with a description of works from the Masureel Collection. These abstract pieces bear witness to the ‘New Plasticist’ movement or ‘Zuivere Beelding’ that is taking off in Belgium in the 1920s. This movement came to being with the rise of modern industry and is strongly related to Russian constructivism, the German bauhaus, and the Dutch destijl. Inspired by cubist and futurist experiments, artists like Jozef Peeters, Victor Servranckx, Georges Vantongerloo, Marthe Donas (i.a.) developed a new visual language and lifestyle, based on line, form and colour.


Guy Verstraete, head of the company masureel, has been an art enthousiast and a collector for many years. Besides historic wallpapers and textile, the Masureel Collection contains modern and contemporary art, with a major focus on works on paper dating from the 1920s to the present day.