Klara | Kunst op de Kaart


Together with Vlaanderen Vakantieland (Tourism Flanders) and Vlaanderen Fietsland, Klara launched a new big project: Kunst op de Kaart. Klara developed five cycling routes in Flanders that focus on art and architecture in the public domain.


I had the opportunity to photograph the artworks and their surroundings. Together with Elise Dupré, I was also responsible for designing the brochures for the cycling routes that are offered on all of Klara’s platforms. These brochures are essential to the project as they contain the map, information about the artworks and the directions to find them.


We noticed how quickly she understood the project and the overall identity of our brand. The project was realised in a short amount of time, but Lieselot has shown great organizational skills. She knows how to prioritise tasks and went beyond the briefing we gave her. She understood the project immediately, which has made our work a lot easier and gave us time to focus on other tasks. Hiring Lieselot as a freelancer for this project was a great choice and she made a big contribution to the succes of the project. Looking forward to working with her in the future!


Elise Dupré | VRT, Culture x Innovation


Watch the additional interviews with artists, for more information about the project and about the featured art works. Discover the five cycling routes on klara.be.