De vergeten oorlog van Albert Van Britsom



Client: School project

This project was awarded with a master jury prize on LUCA graduation 2016.


I have found a complete unique archive of over 500 self-made color dia’s, letters, documents and recorded audiocassettes, that belonged to my grandfather Albert Van Britsom (1920-2001). Albert was a soldier, a Belgian volunteer in the Korean War in the early 50’s. I try to tell his story based on written letters and pictures all brought together in the orange book. Wherever he went, he changed his writing materials. I’ve studied his handwriting and designed 3 fonts (pencil, pen and fountain pen). Every letter has various forms, depending on which letters it’s; combined with. My research about his handwriting can be found in the blue book. I thought it was important to handle both his personality and the historical value of his collection with respect and especially don’t lose the value of this all in the graphic design.


Through my research into the Korean War (1950-1953) I made contact with the veterans and the Embassy of South Korea who have offered me a study tour to South Korea to continue my research and to present my book. Soon, the book is presented in a division of the Belgian army museum dedicated to the Korean War (Tielen-Turnhout).


Alex Balgiu: “Lieselot’s Master’s project reveals a skillful and sensitive editorial approach to questions of documentation, biography and history. Her project is impressively comprehensive and precise — both on an editorial and typographical level — while not leaving aside narrative and critical aspects. This quality of flexibility shows an editorial intelligence at work that avoids the traps of mere systematism and formalism. The fact that Lieselot was able to successfully engage with aspects of her personal history while making it a valuable addition to a wider audience reveals remarkable qualities of analysis, as well as visual and conceptual structure. Excellent work!”