Conspiracy Theory


William Shakespear

Selected and showcased at the 22nd Competition ‘student, all to Chaumont’ posterfestival 2015.


This poster is about the conspiracy theory that Shakespeare never wrote his own work. The poster is a scenario where the conspiracy theory takes place. The text is shown as a script of a play based on Shakespeares pieces. During the play, it becomes clear that Edward De Vere is the real writer. The actors are presented in the legend. Then the play starts with the first act of the first scene. Whenever an actor appears or disappears from the stage a sign is given. After every scene you will be led to the follow act and scene. You need to follow these to discover who the real writer is. Almost every scene is linked with a map or an architectural plan that I made in illustrator, which represents the scenario. The quote is linked to Shakespeare’s bad handwriting. At the bottom you get to see the real Shakespeare’s handwriting.